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We stepped out into the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong to capture rare moments of stillness. With our footage in the can we took our film a step further by designing computer animated horses that gallop through the city. By combining 3D animated horses with our live action content, we created Hong Kong’s first digital moon-lit horse race. This film was co-created with Nikopicto to celebrate the Year of the Horse!

Title: Horses

Client: In-house

Production: Treacle & Nikopicto

Director: Tom Mitchell (Treacle) & Nicolas Lesaffre (Nikopicto)

DOP: Oliver Merz

A man rides his bike through a Hong Kong street, animated shapes whiz by.
An animated horse runs along a Hong Kong street at night.
Animated sparks of light fly towards the Hong Kong scyscrapers.
The Hong Kong skyline lights up the night.
Treacle logo reveal

Rachel Frost, HushUp events

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